The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser 

Thieves don't stand a ghost of a chance against it!

Supplied and fitted at a location to suit you for £399.00 

The ultimate immobilisation device for your vehicle.  The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser is an incredibly small immobilisation module which can only be disarmed by you.  It is fully waterproof and silent, cannot be detected using diagnostic equipment and does not transmit any signals.  The Autowatch Ghost is truly unique in the market place and overcomes the risks associated with modern theft situations.


The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser will prevent the vehicle from being driven by anyone but the rightful owner.  The unit is incredibly small but despite its size, the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser is extremely robust and can be hidden in such a way as to make it almost impossible to detect.  It will automatically arm itself after the ignition is turned off and can only be disarmed using the user specific code which utilises the vehicle’s own internal buttons and functions.  The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser is the ultimate protection against the risk of key cloning or key theft and is unrivaled in the UK marketplace. 

Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser Features:

  • User specific disarming code

  • No additional key cards or driver fobs

  • Prevents the risk of theft by key cloning

  • Emergency PIN override function

  • Service and Valet Mode

  • PIN change procedure

  • The system is programmed to specific vehicles.  The Autowatch Ghost will interact with the data network (CAN bus) and will prevent the vehicle from starting.  

The Autowatch Ghost: now with a Dedicated Mobile App - Currently only available for IOS 7 and above. 

The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser is compatible with a broad range of vehicle makes and models.  Please call to check whether your vehicle is compatible with the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser.  

As an approved Autowatch Ghost installer we are sorry but we cannot provide this as a self-fit option. 

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