Pay as you go tracker - with no ongoing subscription...


We are often asked whether there is a viable option to full blown fleet management with an ongoing yearly subscription and the answer is a resounding YES there is.  

Many customers only need a tracking system when, or if, their vehicle is stolen.  As an example they may have a large fleet of vehicles where the ongoing cost of a fleet management subscription becomes cost prohibitive to them whilst at the same time, the cost of losing a vehicle would be more than just inconvenient.  

The halfway house solution to this issue is the pay as you go system.  Providing instant access to  your vehicle's whereabouts simply by texting a code to the unit.  The system is an extremely small and robust tracker which is fitted covertly onto your vehicle.  It will not store data or provide reports but it will show the location of the vehicle if requested and can be wired to an auxilliary function like an emergency button which will provide precise information on the vehicle's whereabouts by text to a predetermined mobile number.  We can provide the unit with or without a pay as you go sim and top ups to the unit are made as and when required giving you complete control of the costs.  


Pay as you go Tracker provides the following alerts by text to a predetermined mobile phone as standard

  • Movement without ignition - also known as a tow away alert

  • Last known GPS location 

  • Ignition off 'tilt alert' (this would alert you in the event of a vehicle being moved for any reason beyond a 5% parameter in less than 5 seconds - eg lifting onto a hiab e.t.c.)

  • The tracker also offers the option to wire to an emergency button or similar as an auxilliary function or in the event that your alarm was to trigger etc.


As costs to install this product can vary depending on your requirements, why not call us to see what you need so that we can ensure that you only pay for what you need?  We can be reached on 07810 364962 or by email by clicking on the link below or by using the contact form on our contacts page.