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Datatool TrakKING


The Datatool Trakking GPS Tracker is designed specifically for motorcycles.  With Thatcham Cat. 6 Motorcycle Tracker Accreditation and 24/7 SOC monitoring, the Datatool Trakking is the first choice in motorcycle defence.


The Datatool TrakKing is subject to a yearly subscription, please click here to view subscription costs.

The TrakKing provides the following unrivalled benefits:

  • GPS/GSM Tracker

  • Monitored 24/7

  • No recording of Speed or Journey History (maintaining complete privacy)

  • User definable ‘pre alert’ which will send you a text message if your motorcycle moves with the engine off (5 texts per month are included in your standard subscription).

  • Ultra low current draw at almost zero when the ignition is switched off

  • 36 month warranty


The Datatool TrakKing is a GPS/GSM Motorcycle tracker system designed to keep you in touch with your motorcycle at all times.  In the event that the bike is moved without the ignition on, the Datatool TrakKing will send a text to alert you.  If a theft has occurred the system will then track your bike or scooter and the TrakKing SOC team will monitor it until it is recovered.

The TrakKing is passive arming which means that it will automatically arm itself every time you turn the ignition off and park the bike up.  Any unauthorised movement while the TrakKing is armed will be reported to you in the first instance by means of a text message and this is followed by full alert mode if the bike continues to move or if it  moves away from the parked location.

Once in full alert mode the Datatool TrakKing will alert the SOC monitoring team who will liaise with you as soon as possible to confirm whether or not the bike has been stolen.

Recovery is usually made within hours and whilst in an alert state the Datatool TrakKing Monitoring Team will keep both you and the police up to date until a recovery has been made.  During this time all data is recorded in order to assist the police in securing a criminal conviction.

TrakKing is more than just a stolen vehicle recovery system and will also monitor the motorcycle battery condition, alerting you in the event of a low or disconnected battery status.  A low battery text will be sent to you if your battery condition runs low which is an invaluable tool in preventing a complete discharge of the battery while your bike is parked up or in storage.

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