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Meta Trak Shield  

Inexpensive fleet tracking and vehicle protection. 

A non insurance approved tracking solution with up to the minute location data, driver scoring and geofence capabilities as standard.  The Meta Trak Shield is a modular unit providing options to add driver tags, remote immobilisation and vehicle inputs.

Supply, fit and 1 year subscription £349.00 

Protecting your vehicles while monitoring your fleet.

Re-subscription after the first year is £64.95 per year or £174.95 for 3 years

Suitable for both 12 and 24 volt vehicles the Meta Trak Shield is unique in the market place providing an inexpensive modular tracking system. The Meta Trak Shield bridges the gap between stolen vehicle tracking and a fully stocked fleet management system and provides a low cost fleet tracker product with masses of functionality.

Knowing where your vehicles are, how they are being driven and what they have been doing is an invaluable tool to most small businesses and the Meta Trak Shield was designed with these requirements in mind.  

The Meta Trak dedicated mobile app, suitable for IOS, Android and Windows applications provides information at the touch of the button.  Fully waterproof with geofence capability, the option to add an alarm input, driver tags and a facility for remote immobilisation, the Meta Trak Shield provides a low-touch fleet system with exceptional features suited to any busy fleet owner or manager. 

  • Meta Trak Dedicated phone app (suitable for IOS, Android and Windows applications.

  • Online Platform with low - touch fleet management capabilities.

  • European Tracking.

  • Transferable from one vehicle to another with no admin charges (this would incur labour charges).


The Meta Trak Shield offers push notifications via your app and email notifications for the following alerts as part of your standard subscription:  

  • If the vehicle is towed away, put on the back of a low loader or moves in any way without keys in the ignition.  

  • If the battery is disconnected suddenly.

  • If the battery runs low.

  • User definable geofence and point of interest entry and exit alerts.

  • Vehicle battery low alerts.

  • User Definable Overspeed alerts.


The Meta Trak dedicated mobile app provides the following invaluable features:

  • Locate on demand

  • Traffic Information

  • Most recent route (with up to the minute data carpet)

  • A historic view of the past 24 hours ignition on and off events

  • 30 Days of route information 

  • Driver Scoring

  • User definable Geofence and Point of Interest facility

  • Geofence and POI entry and exit notifications by email and or push notification

  • Privacy Mode 

  • Multiple user capabilities


The Meta Trak dedicated mobile App at a glance:

  • Locate a vehicle on demand

  • View up to 100 vehicles

  • Monitor how your vehicles are being driven 

  • View traffic conditions

  • Find a vehicle location

  • View 30 days route data 

  • See vehicle battery and ignition status 

  • Set privacy mode on and off

  • Set transport mode on and off

  • Prevent a vehicle from being started (if this function was set up on installation)

MetaTrak Shield Resubscription rates

MetaTrak Shield 1 Year        £55.00

MetaTrak Shield 3 Years    £150.00

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