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Thinkware F50 

Dash Cam

Intelligent, stylish, innovative Dash Cam with full HD resolution. 
Supplied and fitted price:  £154.00

High Quality Recording with Full HD Resolution


•  1080P Full HD Resolution

•   130° Viewing Angle

•   Intelligent auto exposure

•   Noise Reduction

•    ACCE (Adaptive Colour & Amp Contrast System)

PC Viewer platform


• Video play back, complete access to the device setting and     GPS information with an integrated user interface for        Windows & Mac OS.


• Simple Formatting memory card and updating firmware.

Parked surveillance (hardwire only)


•  Inbuilt parking mode (only available with   hard-wired                installation).


• The F50 will stay on after the ignition is off to provide                  impact & motion detection surveillance when you are                away from your car.

G Sensor Impact Monitoring with incident detection & event impact recording


•  G-Sensor Incident detection (stores information                     relating to any harsh braking or acceleration  or                    crash event).

•  Crash or impact data is stored separately in order to             prevent it being overwritten.

Integrated Thermal Self-Protection


The thermal sensor triggers the self-protection mechanism to shut down the device under extreme temperatures.

Optional Accessories 

Lock Box
SD Cards
GPS Antenna
Features and Specifications
•  1080 Full HD Resolution.
•  Safety Camera Alerts (With addition of a     GPS antenna).
•  130° Viewing Angle. 
•  G-Sensor Incident detection (will store information 
    separately in the event of a harsh breaking). 
•  Integrated Thermal Protection (automatically shuts 
   down in extreme temperatures). 
•  Option to add Lock Box for tamper-proof security.
•  Inbuilt parked mode (only available with hard-wired installation).
•  Intelligent auto exposure.
•  Smart Focus.
•  Noise Reduction.
•  ACCE (Adaptive Colour and amp contrast system).
Technical Specifications
•  Resolution Full HD 1080P
•  Dimensions W: 78mm – D: 34mm – H: 315mm
•  Weight 42g  
•  Optional GPS Antenna 
•  Recording Capacity 30 fps (frames per second)
    16GB SD Card - 124 min
    32GB SD Card - 248 min
    64GB SD Card - 496 min
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