Land Rover and Range Rover Trackers

We are often asked how quickly vehicles with tracking systems fitted are recovered by the police and the answer is that it depends....

There are so many contributing factors when vehicles are stolen, the time, whether the owner answered their phone when the SOC called, how the vehicle was stolen etc. There are several ways that a vehicle is taken without the owners permission but the current favourite is using a device that blocks the vehicle security system and prevents the vehicle from locking. This allows the the thieves access to the vehicle to clone the key and fit a tracker of their own which allows them to monitor the driver's movements and pick the best time to steal the car: this is usually in the early hours of the morning.

This is a growing problem for Audi, Land Rover and Range Rover customers and for this reason many of our customers are finding that an Insurance Approved Category 5 tracker is a mandatory stipulation for these vehicles. Tracking does go a long way to giving our customers peace of mind and, now that Meta and Vodafone Cobratrak are providing apps as standard with their systems there is the added bonus of being able to ensure that a loved one is safe while on the road or simply monitoring your own driving styles.

Tracking, immobilisers and alarms are really the number one line of defense in protecting your Range Rover or Land Rover but little things like checking the car is locked before you walk away and parking it in a well lit area are also helpful.

We install Trackers on Land Rover and Range Rovers more than any other vehicle and we pride ourselves in ensuring that every fit is different and hidden so well that it is almost impossible to distinguish it from any other component within the vehicle: it's what we pride ourselves on!

We are always happy to chat through any questions you might have about your own concerns so please do feel free to contact us by phone or email.

In the meantime keep safe and don't forget to check that your vehicle is locked before you leave it and all valuables are hidden or removed!



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