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Tracking Systems - More than just a black box.

Towards the end of last year - you know during the weird transient phase between Christmas and the New Year, we sat down and prepared ourselves for the year ahead. We decided on the usual: cut out sugar, get more exercise, get more sleep, cut down on the hours our son spends staring at a screen, stop pandering to our pug (alright that’s not the usual but it is for us – every year we promise ourselves that we will stop pandering to the pug but it never last more than a day or so…).

Nonetheless, it got me thinking about why our customers buy fleet trackers. It seems to me from conversations with our customers that most buy trackers to keep an eye on their vehicles and their drivers. And that makes perfect sense because, of course, that’s exactly what fleet units will do for you, give you 24/7 visibility of your vehicles and drivers: where they are, when they got there, when they left, how they drive – that sort of thing. It’s all there and available to you at the click of a mouse or the touch of an app but trackers offer many more benefits to your drivers than perhaps they are given credit for.

Knowing your drivers are safe, being able to instantly establish that they are delayed due to traffic conditions or even in the event of a breakdown, being able to use the system to navigate to them are often overlooked side of fleet tracking systems.

Yes, a tracker is useful to business owners or fleet managers but they are more than just stick to wave at your drivers when things go wrong, they are a vital tool in ensuring that your drivers and lone workers are safe on the roads.

Trackers can help you to work with your staff to rectify bad driving and identify risks. Driving behavior as part of a tracker app will allow you to consider consistent harsh-braking, speeding, harsh acceleration, establish whether drivers are taking too few or too many brakes… the list is almost endless (almost).

I personally love knowing that I have a tracker on my vehicle. It’s a bit like a silent safety net, if anything happens: say for instance I break-down, get a flat, the steering wheel falls off (ok maybe not that) but whatever happens I know that someone can find me (and more importantly – get to me) quickly and that seems to me to more important than anything, knowing that my tracker works for me.

All in all, trackers are fast becoming an accepted way of life, a necessity almost and, granted I am biased, but I’m glad that they are.

Our tracking systems are chosen for their reliability, excellence in service and ease of use: we only fit tracking systems that we know we can trust and have a proven track record!

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